Jerry McBee


Two-and-a-half years being built, Jerry McBee, of Hermiston, Oregon, turned this 1980 White 18-wheeler freight liner into a wheelstander. It was powered by a supercharged, fuel-injected Allison V-12 aircraft engine.

Super Ram Wagon

Rick Mehl


Chevy Rebellion

Richard Hutchins

ca. 1980-2016

Hutchins, of St. Petersburg, Florida, retired his Dodge A-100 pickup wheelstander in favor of this 1962 VW truck. It was powered by a Chrysler Hemi. Click here to see video footage.

Click here to see more video footage, begins at 3:55 mark and goes to 5:21 mark on the video.

Mighty High

Chuck Swift


Chuck Swift, of Portland, campaigned this 1965 Dodge A-100 pick-up truck.

Paddy Wagon

Gary Watson/Bob Hall


Diesel Louie

Louie Force

ca. 1983-87

Louie Force, of Tampa, Florida, drove a blown Hemi-powered 1953 Kenworth wheelstander. Click here to see video footage.

Pure Insanity

Ralph Messinger


Ralph Messinger, of Hobbs, New Mexico, campaigned a wheelstanding Chevy El Camino for a few years. On July 6, 1985, he turned 136 mph on his rear wheels at Sun City Dragway in El Paso. Unfortunately the car flipped and was severely damaged, ending its exhibition career. Click here to see video footage of the Pure Insanity El Camino wheelstander running at Penwell Knights Raceway.

Night Rider

Toby Ehrmantraut


Toby Ehrmantraut learned the ropes of driving wheelstanders in this car, meant to be a replica of the popular TV show called Night Rider. Jack Ehrmantraut bought this Chevy-powered 1978 Pontiac Trans Am from Chuck Poole so his son could learn how to drive wheelstanders.

Night Raider

Toby Ehrmantraut


Emergency West

Richard Schroeder

1985-2006, 2013-present

Twin-engined 3,500 HP 1986 Chevy C10 Crew Cab dually wheelstander was campaigned by Richard Schroeder until just before his death in 2007. After a few years, it was rebuilt to current NHRA safety standards and updated with a 2006 body. Click here to see video footage.

Wichita Warrior

Clayton Willard

ca. 1985

Clayton Willard, of Wichita, Kansas, built and drove this 1969 Corvette station wagon.

Crazy Injun

Virgil Sellers

ca. 1985

Don Fissette, of Spokane owned this 1955 Chevy wheelstander. It was driven by Virgil Sellers, also of Spokane. It was powered by a blown alcohol Chevy. 152 mph top speed.

Hemi Under Glass

Jack Ehrmantraut

ca. 1986-89

Ehrmantraut, of Mansfield, Ohio, drove this 1986 Dodge Daytona wheelstander. Click here to see video footage of this car in a match against the '57 Chevy wheelstander driven by his son, Toby.


Jim Brewer


Jim Brewer started out with a 1983 Cadillac Seville wheelstander. He then swapped out that body for a Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Then he ventured into the stratosphere with his 1933 Willys pickup wheelstander.

Wind-Up Pickup

Danny O'Day

ca. 1989

Danny O'Day drove a 1989 Ford Ranger, and later, a 1990 Ford Ranger wheelstander. Click here to see video footage, begins at 5:21 mark and goes to 6:22 mark of the video.

One Night Stand

Rick Markham


Rick Markham, of Spokane, Washington, campaigned this 1986 Chevy S-10 pick-up for at least two decades. It is powered by a 427 Chevy engine. Click here to view video footage.

Jolly Rancher Fire Truck

Ed "The Outlaw" Jones

ca. 1989-present

Ed Jones, of Malad, Idaho, garnered sponsorship from Jelly Belly to campaign this 1931 Chevy fire truck wheelstander. Click here to see video footage.

Legendary Chuckwagon

Danny Burmer


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